Pastili - 有機洋槐天然蜂巢蜜 340g-歐盟有機認證-保加利亞直送

產地 : 保加利亞

原裝行貨,保加利亞直送,100%信心保證! 100%有機蜂巢蜜(歐盟有機認證) 不含農藥,抗生素和其他環境化學品。


About BioComb

BioComb is harvested from the cleanest mountain regions of Bulgaria, hand cut and boxed with no additional treatment or processing. It is the purest, rawest form of honey available, naturally fat free, cholesterol free, sodium free, and gluten free. BioComb is natural product straight from the honeybee hive with all of the natural enzymes, amino acids, pollens, vitamins and minerals.

Pastili - 有機洋槐天然蜂巢蜜 340g-歐盟有機認證-保加利亞直送

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