Pastili - 有機森林Forest天然蜂蜜 350g-歐盟有機認證-保加利亞直送

產地 : 保加利亞

原裝行貨,保加利亞直送,100%信心保證! 100%有機蜂蜜(歐盟有機認證) 不含農藥,抗生素和其他環境化學品。


Forest BioHoney

Forest honey is acclaimed as one of the most unique and special honeys, produced from nature forest’s honeydew. This honey has been found to have an exceptionally high level of antioxidant activity. The color can be a good indicator of the antioxidant power – the darker the honey the higher the antioxidant activity. High concentration of antioxidants in this honey helps in elimination of free radicals, reduces the damage caused by them, and promotes general health. His generous content and lower glycemic index is the best way to enjoy something sweet and healthy, with mild resinous aroma and very special benefits.

Pastili - 有機森林Forest天然蜂蜜 350g-歐盟有機認證-保加利亞直送

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