Pastili - 有機天然蜂花粉 180g-歐盟有機認證-保加利亞直送

產地 : 保加利亞

原裝行貨,保加利亞直送,100%信心保證! 100%有機蜂花粉(歐盟有機認證) 不含農藥,抗生素和其他環境化學品。


Bulgarian Bee Pollen

Our bee pollen is carefully sources from one of the cleanest regions in Bulgaria and dried at controlled temperature for better preservation and packed with all of its carbohydrates, vitamins (B complex, Folic Acid & more), proteins, lipids and minerals. Bee Pollen is considered to be one of nature's most complete foods, containing nearly all nutrients needed for the human body. Many people consider it as the superfood of 21st century
– the perfect nutritional supplement for your healthy living.

Pastili - 有機天然蜂花粉 180g-歐盟有機認證-保加利亞直送

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