Pastili - 有機天然保加利亞玫瑰蜂蜜 150g-歐盟有機認證-保加利亞直送

產地 : 保加利亞

原裝行貨,保加利亞直送,100%信心保證! 100%有機天然保加利亞玫瑰蜂蜜(歐盟有機認證)


Polyflora BioHoney

Polyflora honey is the most popular and searched honey, collected by multiple field and mountain flowering species. This type of honey is highly appreciated for its rich flavor profile, nutritional and medicinal qualities as well as higher content of minerals compared to most monofloral honeys. The darker the color of the honey, the more natural pigments it contains which is the cause of a stronger antioxidant action. Rich in different pollen types and varied nutritional profile, polyflora honey contribute a stronger immune system and better health. Each nectar in its composition brings elements with a unique therapeuticaction, making polyflora honey delicious and healthier option.

Pastili - 有機天然保加利亞玫瑰蜂蜜 150g-歐盟有機認證-保加利亞直送

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